Trade dietary supplements

More and more people take dietary supplements. Such formulations are produced in every country, but some brands have gained particular popularity, which led to the development of international trade in food supplements.

Under the terms of the agreement FTAA, in North and South America the free movement of food supplements was to apply. These provisions have not been fully implemented, because in American countries, there are certain restrictions on the trade of food supplements. In order to control the quality and safety of this type of preparations there have been introduced special systems, such as TQM or QACP. The second one was based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System), so the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a tool which purpose is to manage food safety. HACCP provisions shall also be applied in the case of medicines and dietary supplements, which safety must be controlled in a special way. Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas assumes free trade, so Americna countries must take actions to establish common rules on the admissibility of individual supplements and principles of their sales.

Although the provisions of the FTAA have not yet been implemented, the international trade in supplements throughout the Americas has already been developing. A special role is played here by US producers. Supplements of such companies like All American EFX or Gaspari Nutrition have gained popularity in many American countries.