An objection by the United States against the Free Trade Area of the Americas

To implement all the provisions of the Free Trade Area of the Americas was not possible mainly due to disagreement with a number of Latin American countries, however, a very important impact was the attitude of business communities in the United States. In this country there is no lack of people who are opposed to changes that would apply the FTAA agreement.

During meetings relating to the creation of the Free Trade Area of the Americas often appear demonstrations against the agreement. In the United States, opponents pay attention primarily on economic issues. They fear the negative balance of foreign trade and the decline in employment. Very often, they refer to the effects of the currently NAFTA agreement, and claim that the expansion of free trade will exacerbate the problem. Many people like the fact that the United States has a large trade deficit, both with Canada and with Mexico, or from countries with which the United States signed the North American Free Trade Agreement. Moreover, turning attention to the decrease in the employment in the United States due to relocating production to Mexico by some companies, where labour is much cheaper.

While in the United States there are many opponents of the Free Trade Area of the Americas, supporters of this agreement dominate there. These individuals also have their arguments. They note, for example, that if production was not relocated to Mexico, it would be located in Asia.