Mexico and the Free Trade Area of the Americas

Mexico has been cooperating with the United States and Canada within the framework of the North American Free Trade Agreement, so it would seem that the country is a supporter of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. After the presentation of the proposed solutions it turned out, however, that in this country there are some opponents of FTAA.

The pponents point to the changes caused by the North American Free Trade Agreement. In Mexico, many farmers moved to cities and farmers' groups, located in the North of Mexico, as well as in the southern states of the USA. Mexico received a lot cheaper corn from the United States, which led to the gradual destruction of some agricultural sectors, and as a result forced the part of Mexican farmers to change their profession. The pponents of the FTAA also explain that the investments flowing to Mexico does not actually lead to the development of the market and the domestic industry. They go mainly to the maquiladoras, so assembly car erecting shops, which specialize in the import of components and the re-export of finished products. Citizens of Mexico report moreover the same concerns as other Latin American countries. Therefore, they pay attention to the example of the problems associated with the privatization of basic public services and the risk of spread of genetically modified foods.

Although the number of opponents of the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Mexico is quite large, the country continues to be involved in talks aimed at an agreement on the provisions of the FTAA.